Ken "O" Racing Slot Cars
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Here at Ken O Racing we provide a wide range of special services.


Motor magnet zapping, motor turbo blasting, motor break-in, motor blueprinting. We sell ready to run motors or we can also work on your motors. Check out our best selling line of hawks, falcons, 501s, and 502s. We can also true your armature here at Ken O Racing and provide balancing through Alpha products. Contact us at for details.  



Who’s Ted Essy? If you asked that question you must be new to slot car racing. Ted is a World Class racer and builder. Those who race in the Big Leagues know him, or at least know what his tail lights look like. The ones that know what his headlights and air dam look like are the ones Ted is about to lap. I don’t have exact dates but Ted did place second in a USRA “NATIONAL’S (USA) and a seventh in a “WORLD’S” where he competed against the best on the planet. WORLD CLASS RACER? Oh yeah and he built his own chassis too. We carry Ted Essy chassis here at Ken O Racing.
Ted Essy can also built your chassis according to your specifications.


Just tell me what you want and I will build it to your needs. I can build and blueprint just your chassis, paint and decal your car body or do the whole car from the ground up. You can pick every part, chassis, tires, motor, body,  decals, etc and I will build a beast for you. Or if you are new to the hobby just give me a idea of what you want, what class you are racing in and what you want to spend and I will build you a car you can be proud of. I can't make you a winner, that depends on your ability but you will be sure it wasn't the car that kept you out of the winners circle. Contact us at or give me a call at (925)634-7256 and we can go over the details of your new best friend.